To Conduct Constructive Communication with Shareholders

We have following policy to promote constructive communications with shareholders.

1. Person whom integrate the communication with shareholders

Representative directors shall be integrating the communication with shareholders

2. Responder to the shareholders

If shareholder requests individual meeting, IR department (Business Management department) director shall be corresponding to the meeting as a general principle. However, other director (outside director) may correspond to such meeting in some circumstances. If conducting an individual interview with shareholder is not desirable by the fair disclosure point of view, an individual interview may not be held but information of disclosure will be provided with an alternative method, or, by receiving the shareholder's viewpoint.

3. Cooperation of internal divisions for supporting communication with shareholders

To conduct smooth communication with shareholders, IR division shall take the lead of cooperation between other concerned internal divisions.

4. Fulfilling the alternative method of communication rather than an individual meeting

  1. (1)Institutional investors and securities analyst
    Business lineup, business policy, business strategy, business plan, and account settlements shall be briefed at the meeting held periodically.
  2. (2)Private investors
    Business lineup, business policy, business strategy, business plan, account settlements shall be briefed at the meeting held by the stock exchange, The Securities Analysts Association of Japan, or securities company.
  3. (3)Materials used at the briefing meeting shall be published on the company website.

5. Feedback for the opinions/views obtained through communication with shareholders

Opinions and views obtained from shareholders through the communication shall be swiftly shared to the representative director, and to be reported at the Board of Directors meeting with minimum interval of every quarter.

6. Insider information management when communicating with shareholders

Insider information management shall be abiding by the "Insider Trading Management Regulation", "Disclosure Policy" and other various rules for the information management.

The End

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