Message from the President

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your extensive support for our group.

Since our group made a full-scale entry to exporting of Japanese used car business in 1989, we have expanded our business to various fields related to used cars, including inspection and logistics to meet our customers’ needs. Now we have many group companies in Japan and overseas, and we are diversifying our business associated to used cars.

I am deeply humbled of our present existence largely owing to warmest support of the customers, business partners, shareholders, and stakeholders. “The Chance” which has given us your support is irreplaceable and we will always place great importance. We hope that we will continue to deepen our relationship of trust with all of you who have given us “The Chance” while conducting our business fairly and righteously.

Our group mission is to provide safe and comfortable transportation, fun of traveling and convenience to as many people as possible. As the name implies, to be the best and the optimal is our evaluation standard for everything. There will be no limits to the products and services we offer, and no limits to the countries and regions where we practice our business. We will master our current businesses, and we will expand into new fields, new countries and regions.

To achieve the mission of our group, all employees will continue to challenge with passion to create new value and innovative products and services. In addition, we value encounters, and nurture many of “The Chances” with a spirit of mutual understanding and mutual respect. And we will build our business upon trusting relationship with our stakeholders.

I would like to conclude this message by thanking our shareholders in advance for your further understanding and support.