Optimus Quick Guide

New Zealand's highest peak
Mt. Cook

We are a group of companies that expanding globally in all-around automobile service industry.

In exporting used cars from Japan, our group is widely involved in every process from purchasing to reaching the end user, and various related services.We are working to expand our business from New Zealand to new countries and regions.

Our business started in New Zealand

Since 1989, our group has started a full-scale business of exporting used cars from Japan to New Zealand.

New Zealand has a high share of Japanese cars due to its left lane / right-hand drive, also have a good business environment, including a legal system with sustainable economic development, therefore we viewed New Zealand as the best market for our group, and have been focusing on expanding our business. Our group now has a strong position in New Zealand.

Optimus by Business

We solutions for every need for exporting of used cars.

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There are many processes involved in a used car from Japan to overseas dealers and finally reaching to the end users.Usually, each process is handled by different operators.

With Optimus group, we provide consistent and smooth service for delivering used cars from Japan to end users, furthermore, our group companies and partner companies are providing a wide range of services such as after-sales service and auto loan in our main market New Zealand.

Our Group structure that consistently provides all customer needs, we call it the “value chain”.

Global Development

Focused on Japan and New Zealand, we have business bases in various countries.

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Growth Strategy

We will expand the variety of services based on our existing business in New Zealand and develop new markets including in Australia.

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Our company name "Optimus" is a Latin word that means "best" or "optimal".

Our Group' s mission is to be of service to provide fun of traveling, safe means for traveling, convenience and comfort when traveling for more people.

To fulfill that mission, we aim for the "best" and "optimum" in terms of quality of services provided by our group and the stance that our group engages in business.