About Our Disclosure

Optimus Group disclosure flow as follows

1. Basic policy for disclosure

We aim to pursue the following 3 points for information disclosure

  1. (1)Make disclosure as swiftly as possible
  2. (2)To disclose information as accurate as possible
  3. (3)To disclose information as fair as possible (fair disclosure)

2. Disclosure information

Followings are the information disclosure of our company

  1. (1)Disclosure subject to the laws and regulations
  2. (2)Optimus Group, as a listed company, discloses information in accordance with related laws and regulations as well as rules, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and timely disclosure rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("rules of financial exchanges").
  3. (3)Disclosing of the financial and non-financial information which Optimus Group considers it is beneficial for our stakeholders to comprehend about Optimus Group further.

3. Method of disclosure

Followings are the method of disclosure

  1. (1)EDINET
  2. (2)TDnet
  3. (3)Company website (including electronic public notice web page)
  4. (4)Direct communication at important meetings such as analysts meeting, individual interview with corporate investor and media, and inquiry from shareholders.
  5. (5)Paper format company's prospectus etc.

4. Timing of information disclosure

  1. (1)Disclosure of information under the rules and regulations, or rules of financial exchanges are conducted through the EDINET or the TDnet system within the fixed term in accordance to the rules and regulations or the rules of financial exchanges. Optimus group will aim to update such information on our company website after disclosing on EDINET or TDnet as swiftly as possible.
  2. (2)Information that Optimus Group disclose voluntary which is not required by the rules and regulations, or rules of financial exchanges will be disclosed at the discretion of the company. However, in the fair disclosure point of view, we may withhold our direct comments to the individual interviews and individual inquires.

5. Quiet period

The Company has set a "quiet period" beginning with the following day of settlement and ending with the announcement of financial result, in order to ensure fairness and prevent the leakage of financial information and results.

6. Outlook of the future, and performance projections

Outlook of the future, and performance projections are based on the information which is available at the time of the projection or disclosure, and may contain risks and uncertainty. Therefore, actual results may differ from the outlook of future and performance projection from various elements.

7. Investment decision

Optimus Group and our affiliate companies website

8. Disclaimer

Inconsequential information on our company website may be changed without any notice.
Please refer to the followings for the other disclaimer regarding to the information on our company website.

The end

Optimus Quick Guide

Optimus Quick Guide

This section shows basic information for quick insight of our group. Brief introduction of our group business characteristics and strength, global development, and growth strategy.