Our group considers “Governance” “Compliance” “Environmental considerations” “Contribution to local communities” and “Respect for human rights” to be important elements of our corporate social responsibility.

  • Corporate Governance

    We consider governance as one of the most important issues in business management.

  • Compliance

    It is positioned as a basic management policy of the Group.

  • Consideration for the environment

    Consideration for the environment

    We provide used cars that drive safely as re-using cars, and also, by providing various services to enhance the convenience of used cars to improve the utility value of used cars, we believe that the entire business of the Group will contribute to the creation of a truly sustainable society.

    Inspection business contributes to preserving the environment of importing country by conducting strict inspections in accordance with exhaust gas emission regulations. As car industry is shifting to EV (Electric Vehicle) which is effective in reducing exhaust gas emissions, we are proactively handling EVs.

    In addition, with through careful quarantine with Inspection business, we prevent the invasion of pests, and protects ecosystems and the development of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries of importing country.

  • Contribution to the local community

    Contribution to the local community

    We are contributing safety of town and improvement of safety of society of importing countries by providing rigorous road eligibility inspections and exporting used vehicles that driving safety has been confirmed. In New Zealand, we are supporting safety promotion activity by the transport track industry organization as patronage corporation member.

    Also, by supporting the fund for boys’ rugby teams and baseball teams, we are contributing for the healthy and happy society.

  • Respect for human rights

    Traditionally we have about half of the Group's officers and employees being foreign nationals, and an extremely high percentage of female employees. Under such circumstance, we have created an environment where diverse human resources can make the most of their abilities and providing opportunities. The spirit of “respect for human rights” is pervasive throughout the group.