Characteristics of Business

For all the process from purchasing of used cars to the used cars delivered to overseas dealers, our group provides high quality services. Also, we provide variety of services and products to enhance added value for used cars for general consumers.

Our group business scope and “Value Chain”

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  • Trading Segment

    Nichibo (Japan Trading) Co., Ltd.

    PT Oto Bid Indonesia

  • Logistics Segment

    Port Service Ltd.

    Daiwa Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Dolphin Shipping New Zealand Limited

    Dolphin Shipping Australia Pty Ltd

  • Service Segment

    Universal Finance Company Limited

    Auto Advance Finance Limited

    Auto Finance Direct Limited

    Fasttrack Automotive Compliance 2006 Limited

    Trade Cars Limited

    Universal Property Limited

    OzCar Pty Ltd

    Blue Flag Pty Ltd

  • Inspection Segment

    JEVIC Co., Ltd.

    Inspicere Limited

    Vehicle Inspection New Zealand Limited

    JEVIC NZ Limited

Value Chain

There are several steps to deliver used cars to overseas used car dealers from Japan. Normally, each process is handled by a different business entity.

In our case, in New Zealand that is our key market, we are providing service for each process with our group company and partner company cooperation, from receiving an order for used cars from local dealers to purchasing in Japan and to deliver the orders to the dealers. Furthermore, we are providing the wide range of services for cars to the end users such as after service of car maintenance, auto loan and other services. From purchasing cars, inspection/biosecurity, shipping in Japan, to maintenance/car inspection and after service in shipping destinations, the structure that capture all the business opportunities surrounds used car trading to our group company - we call it “Value Chain”.

By carrying out a series of services surrounds used car trading by each of our group company, we are able to provide speedy and wide range of high-quality service that meets our group standards.

Services for a wide range of customers

Nichibo is carrying out the role of receiving of used car orders from dealers and purchasing in Japan and sales to overseas dealers, but we are also providing inspection/biosecurity service when shipping cars from Japan to New Zealand, and maintenance/car inspections at the destination country for the used cars that Nichibo was not involved for purchasing.

Extensive choices in service menu

Traditionally, car is very important mean of personal transportation in New Zealand.Our group company is providing wide range of car products and services that is essential to the daily life for not only to the used car leaders, but also to end users.
By engaging in the car life of customers in many aspects, the Group builds relationships of trust with customers and providing services with thoughtful attention to details.

Optimus Quick Guide

Optimus Quick Guide

This section shows basic information for quick insight of our group. Brief introduction of our group business characteristics and strength, global development, and growth strategy.