Group Structure

OPTIMUS GROUP is a global business comprising a number of companies involved in the export, transportation, inspection, servicing, sale and financing of used vehicles from Japan to markets in over 30 countries.

These companies are vertically aligned but operationally independent and are owned ultimately by OPTIMUS GROUP Co., Ltd. which has been established for the sole purpose of being the holding company for the group. The Group is made up of four distinct operational sub-groups: trading, logistics, service and inspection.

Trading Segment

Trading group

Buying used vehicles through automobile auctions in Japan and exporting wholesale vehicles overseas to local car distribution dealers

Logistics Segment

Logistics group

Non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) business and related businesses

Service Segment

Service group

Mostly in New Zealand, sales of new and used vehicles, providing auto loans, car maintenance for inspection, sales of non-durable car goods to end users

Inspection Segment

Inspection group

Mostly in Japan and New Zealand, carrying out pre-shipment inspection of used vehicles headed overseas and in exported countries, inspection of imported and domestic vehicles

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