Corporate Philosophy


Thoughts behind "Optimus"

"Optimus" is a Latin word that means "best" or "optimal".

We chose the word "Optimus" for the name of our company, hoping that it will inspire us to achieve the best, not only in the Products and Services we provide to our customers, but also in our efforts to achieve these goals.

Management Philosophy

Optimise our contribution to Society through Just and Fair Business Practices

Vision for the Group

  1. 1 To provide fun and safe transportation with the best service for each individual
  2. 2 To pioneer future business through the creation of new innovative services and values
  3. 3 To live in harmony with all Stakeholders and our environment; as a citizen of the world, we will contribute to the development of a global society.

Mission Guidelines

Enjoy work; be passionate about your business quest
Be innovative; always challenge the status quo
Never Give Up
Never give up; believe in yourself and always move forward
Take pride in your work as a professional and be responsible for the End Product
Team Work
Treat all team members with respect and consideration
Dedication and Harmony
Dedicate yourself to work; find your rightful place in society
Duty to Society
Be mindful of your role in the company and your duty to society