Message from the President


Our Group

Our group started when a number of companies involved in the "mobility" industry (mainly in cars), respectively in "Trading", "Logistics", "Services", and "Inspection" aspects, collectively decided to establish a Holding Company, OPTIMUS GROUP Co., Ltd., in January 2015. The driving force behind this move was a belief that we can create a Value Chain and improve efficiency which would benefit our customers through a higher quality of the Goods and Services we provide.

Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders are primarily the individuals and companies who are our Current and Prospective Customers. Secondly, we have "Sales Partners" in numerous Used Car Dealers, and "Business Partners" that include Shipping Companies and Forwarders, the employees of companies within our group and our Shareholders. Ultimately, we are accountable to the society in which we serve.

Our Values since the Beginning, and Going into the Future

We owe our Growth and Success so far to each Stakeholder.

Since our founding, we have strived to develop the trust of our Sales and Business Partners that is both long in time and deep in nature. For this reason, we have made the effort to maintain transparency in our Business Practices. This will not change, and we will continue to strive for fairness in our business endeavours.

We also believe that our Success in building Good Relationships with our Stakeholders owes much to our Self-Awareness in relation to our involvement with the society and environment in which we operate. We will continue to value and take care of our place within such environment.

Our Future

Our Group' s Mission is to "Be of Service to the people of the world who want to enjoy the Freedom, Fun, Safety, Convenience and Ease that the Group provides". For this purpose, we will answer challenges in new areas, both in terms of geography and business, whilst maintaining steady development of existing businesses. We will also be optimising our efforts in such a way so that our efforts will benefit both our Stakeholders and Ourselves, each enjoying the growth and profit long-term.

We thank our Stakeholders for their continuing Support and Co-Operation.

Nobuya Yamanaka