Business Overview

Business Domain

Optimus Group provides a wide range of Used Car Exporting Services such as Trading, Logistics, Financing, Service Inspections, Quarantine for Overseas Car Dealers, and expanding our business around the world with New Zealand as the main destination.

Optimus Group value chain

Trading Segment

Buying Used Vehicles through Auction Houses in Japan and exporting worldwide to Local Car Dealers.
Used Vehicles conditions vary; therefore, it requires highly skilled staff to inspect and purchase vehicles within the shortest time to value the vehicles and at the right price.

Also, we are able to provide purchasing services with customer's needs in mind, from Vehicle Procurement in Japan, to Sales to the Customers handled by the same staff. Our professional staff inspect the vehicles at the auction site and bid for the customers, so we can purchase great quality Used Vehicles at the right price. As well as our professional staff in Japan, we provide our customers with a follow up service from our overseas local staff.

To share large amounts of information about individual vehicles efficiently and accurately to our customers, we have introduced and upgraded our IT technologies to improve our service.

List of Trading Segment Companies

Logistics Segment

Our logistics segment covers the role of an international combined transport operator known as a NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) to export vehicles from Japan to overseas. For the transportation of vehicles, we not only provide "Port to Port" transportation; but additionally arrange "Door to Door" service to dealers.

"Logistics is the bloodstream of business management" is our fundamental principal. As a reliable carrier for the logistics industry, we deliver a complication free service to our customers and efficient shipping arrangements. We are contributing to business efficiency for both import and export traders, by working with partners such as transporters to inspection agencies, customs, marine vessels, and insurance to provide the best quality service.

(Note) NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier): Our Logistics segment do not own vessels or vehicles for transportation but arrange transportation between port to port or land transportation to the final destination. This is completed by using external shipping companies or logistics providers however we issue our own bill of landing documents. This additionally provides export/import agency business to trading companies.

List of Logistics Segment Companies

Service Segment

Our Service segment provides financial services for the local car distribution dealers, auto financing service for consumers in New Zealand, rental car service and lubricating oil retailing to further our group company value chain.

We are aiming to construct a business model that gives better accessibilities to motor vehicles by cultivating customer's point of view and expanding contact with the consumer. This improves the personal means of transport by the wide range of services with focus on vehicles and using our group resources and networks.

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Inspection Segment

Our Inspection segment provides pre-shipment inspections for used cars in Japan, imported vehicles and in-service vehicle inspections in New Zealand.
We believe the inspection business requires a high independency and neutrality due to the nature of the business. By developing the inspection business within our group company, we believe our contribution in providing the safety and security for all vehicle users by being the market leader in New Zealand and around the world. We also believe our contribution to society for environmental conservation through performing the highest quality inspection services.

Our inspection segment provides efficient logistics by having high quality inspection facilities, strategically located in key ports of Japan. Additionally, keeping our high standard by offering inspection services to more than 30 destinations outside Japan. With extensive interested parties, we have been building our trustful relationship with a wide range of stakeholders for many years.

List of Inspection Segment Companies